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Maxis Match Simming
Three Young Adult Sims! Part 1/2 
Aug 07 2013
I'm starting a University Campus, and so I thought I could do with some interesting YA Sims. So, without further ado, here are three females, which will be followed by three males in time.

Lulu went to University to find herself, and maybe some nice Sim to spend the rest of her life with. Will she manage to find what she is looking for in the lecture halls? Or maybe in the clubs and sheets?


When one looks for an insightful and interesting view on modern politics and women's rights, one goes to Freyja here. Dedicating her life towards the betterment of society and the broadening of opportunity for men and women everywhere has been her goal since toddlerhood, and University is the perfect back-drop to achieve it.


Anastasie is a woman on a mission. A mission to make money. Don't get her wrong – it's not her only goal. She's a fan of brains, and interesting subjects, but she'd just rather see those brains clothed in gucci, and take her interesting subjects with some very old, high vintage wine in a manor in the mountains.


As per usual please do not claim as your own, and I would love to see my sims in your 'Hood, but it's not necessary!

Aug 07 2013 (UTC)
i like all 3. when i tried to download them it gave a "page not found" lj error.
Aug 07 2013 (UTC)
Yeah, you have to delete her livejournal name. But once you get to mediafire it's fine c:
Aug 07 2013 (UTC)
thanks. didnt even notice
Aug 08 2013 (UTC)
Ever so sorry about that - I have fixed it now, but the problem was that my internet went down so I wrote out the HTML myself, and added a few more "s than necessary. Which of course buggered it. But, all fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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