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Maxis Match Simming
Three Young Adult Sims! Part 2/2 
Aug 09 2013

Here they are, the male counterparts to my previous 3 young adult females.

Terry Windsor is a Sim used to bathing in luxury. Raised surrounded by opulence, University life might be a kick in the teeth with the lack of privacy, and the lack of funds. Quite shy, he's a neat-freak, and he keeps his whites as clean as his glasses lens. Hopefully, that might attract the very man he's looking for - rugged, muscley, and bearded.


John Williamson is a friendly young guy with a dream of building a family. But to support his family, he needs a good job, and rather than slog through it all, he's decided to go to Uni. And because hey, it's a good experience (where else can you learn how to clean an oven with a lemon and a pair of ladies' underwear?)


Unlike the other two, Bibble is a party animal. Maybe it's because of his ridiculous name, or maybe it's just because he can, but wherever he goes he goes crazy. Even if his tastes in partners are pretty odd - but honestly who could say no to a werewolf in their undies?


As per usual, no claiming as one's own blah blah, credit is appreciated etc etc, also if one of my lads ends up in your game, I would love to see them!
Aug 25 2013 (UTC)
I snagged Bibble! I love his name and he's so cute!
I might use him in my Queen Bee Challenge, if I do I will show you for sure! Thank you ^_^
Aug 26 2013 (UTC)
Oh, thank you! I look forward to seeing him if you do!
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