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Maxis Match Simming
Six Sims 
Aug 05 2013
Hello, I bring gifts!

These are six sims of my own making for your enjoyment. I'm still very new to the whole image-editing thing, but these haven't been edited much (I also haven't added fonts or anything, all details will be written below.

This is Valeria, an Alien Sim who landed for the sheer want of it. She is a Pleasure Sim whose one mission in life is to live it up, and kick Sims into party mode (or at least persuade them with her sharp teeth).

This is Thomas Brin, all around family man, without a heart of gold. Rather stoic and mean, actually, he tends to spend his time on the treadmill rather than with people. But don't let that fool you - for every step he takes he takes it with having a family in mind.

Sally is an all-round seductress. With her big green eyes and freckles skin she may appear sweet, but she's anything but. Her favourite pass-time is going to clubs and picking up women - especially married women.

Orchidia loves Harmony. But even more than that she loves harmonious colours. Born on a distant planet of peace and tranquility, Orchidia came to teach Sims peace and happiness - and to research just why they were so violent!

Money-grabbing Kirk Pistachio is a man about town, with an adoration for blinged up ladies and opulence. Nothing gets him happier than when he can stroll into a large house, and slip on some gold-leaf shoes. (Unless you wish to torture him and place him in a shack, of course!)

Little Borris Duna was always bullied as a child - whether it was because of his love of pink or because of his birthmark we will never know, but it has left him permanently shy. But behind his blushing, stuttering façade is a young man striving to take on the world, and change it for the better.


Valeria CC//Valeria No CC

Thomas Brin CC//Thomas Brin No CC

Sally CC//Sally No CC

Orchidia CC//Orchidia No CC

Kirk Pistachio CC//Kirk Pistachio No CC

Borris Duna CC//Borris Duna No CC

Please feel free to use them as you wish, but please no uploading to paysites or claiming them as your own. I would greatly enjoy credit or a mention if one of my Sims ever turned up in a screenshot you've taken, or in a story of yours, but it isn't necessary (God knows I always forget the creator of most of the Sims in my downloads folder). Most of all, enjoy!
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Aug 06 2013 (UTC)
Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like them!
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